In the Semiconductor Materials Dept., we create and sell ultra high purity process chemicals used for production process of semiconductors and electronic devices such as liquid crystal panels (LCP) and solar cells. We employ Mitsubishi Chemical's research and development capabilities to improve purity of chemical products and develop new chemicals. In addition, we continue to make adaptations for improving semiconductors and new electronic products.


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Si Etchant Series is a silicon wafer etching acid for spin etching processer that eliminates damaged process layers from wafer surfaces.

During the post CMP cleaning process in semiconductor manufacturing, it is important to remove organic residues and particles on Cu wires and Low-k films without damaging the substrate. Our product, MXC-SDR4, is a high-efficiency cleaning solution suited for semiconductor industries.

Characteristics: -High efficiency particle removal -Removes organic residues effectively -Limits galvanic corrosion on Cu wire -Limits Low-k damage -Improves Low-k wetting properties

In recent years, the demand is increasing for high quality removal of particles and metals from small size semiconductor circuits during silicon wafer cleaning process. Star Series meets those demands with semiconductor process chemicals having metal impurity levels below 10ppt.

Products: Nitric acid, Ammonia solution, Hydrogen peroxide

This is an electronic chemical used in wet etching in semiconductor manufacturing. We are providing the next etching solutions needed by the industry.
Si etchant, Al etchant, Au etchant, Ag etchant

MC1 is an electronic chemical processing solution which is a high-performance alternative RCA clean. MC1 contributes to the customer`s total cost reduction, because it can remove both particles and metals, thus reducing the number of steps of RCA cleaning. Features: ・Reduction of metal contamination ・Prevention of cross contamination

AM1 is a high-performance electronic chemical solution used as an alternative RCA clean for batch and single wafer applications. It has the capability to remove both particles and metal impurities. Furthermore, it has superior performance for metal gate cleaning because it does not corrode silicon.

  • Single wafer cleaning (realize superior surface cleanliness in a short time)
  • Metal gate cleaning (no corrosion of tungsten or silicon)