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Less inorganic coagulant is needed with this agent to improve wastewater treatment efficiency.

This material also reduces the volume of sludge waste (solid matter) produced after treatment.

This material improves cohesiveness by supplementing the fiber content of wastewater and sludge to improve processing efficiency.

We offer a full lineup of water-soluble polymers with high molecular weight for use in wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and water purification applications.

We provide optimal water treatment systems that produce clean water necessary for life and per specific customer requirements.

We offer water treatment systems popular with both the public and private sectors, including wastewater treatment systems utilizing MBR(Membrane Bioreactor) and industrial water purification systems utilizing hollow fiber membrane filtration technology.

STERAPORE™ is used in various industrial and medical applications such drainage, sewage, and water treatment equipment, turbine condensate filtration equipment in power plants, and sterile hand-washing equipment used in hospitals by surgeons.