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Regarding the jER™ (formerly Epikote™ *) epoxy resin, Mitsubishi Chemical is prepared to support our customers' needs quickly and flexibly. Our production is extremely fast because we have accumulated many years of research with epoxy products. Our manufacturing, sales, research, and development are tightly integrated to enable rapid response to the challenges our customers face. (*Epikote™ is a trademark of Momentive Specialty Chemicals)

jERCURE™ curing agents for epoxy resins are an abundant set of curing agents that cover the full range from low to high curing temperature with functional groups ranging from amine, mercaptan, and phenol to Lewis acid complex compounds. A curing agent can be chosen from this set to fit the application. There are water-based curing agents for water-based epoxy resins, too.

YED is reactive diluents for an epoxy resin that provides low viscosity without compromising the resin's special characteristics.

  • Water Soluble Filament MELFIL™ For FDM 3D Printer made by PVOH manufacturer.
  • Developed the most suitable material and in-house filamentized. All made in Japan!
  • Superior water solubility and printability.
  • Wide use as support material, water soluble model and so on.., depends on your ideas!

Product name   MELFIL™
Material   Butendiol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH)
Diameter  1.75±0.07mm(2.85mm under developing)
Weight   500g
Spool   inside diameter45mm
Applicable material  PLA・ABS・PET-G・PA

Ultraviolet curable resin is garnering widespread attention for its low-polluting, energy-saving properties and high productivity. Nippon Gohsei offers a wide lineup of such resin under the SHIKOH brand name, with a special emphasis on urethane acrylate oligomer. In addition to hard coating application, SHIKOH is suitable for use in a wide range of ink and adhesive applications. Nippon Gohsei's SHIKOH holds the key to the future of ultraviolet curable resin.
NOTE: SHIKOH is a registered trademark of The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (NIPPON GOHSEI).