• Ideal raw material for quartz used in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Improves performance of semiconductor parts

Product 【Mitsubishi Synthetic Silica】

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The semiconductor manufacturing process environment is becoming more rigid as devices become more miniaturized and stacked.
Mitsubishi Synthetic Silica is an ultra-pure raw material(7N) that has fewer metal impurities and bubbles typically found during the semiconductor manufacturing process.
Prevents particle generation in the manufacturing process.
Especially applicable to heat treatment, etching, and deposition processes, which can have adverse metal and impurity contamination during the manufacturing process.
We are dedicated to improving and developing optimum solutions as society's dependency on broadband, information technologies and green energy evolves.

How to use

  • Mitsubishi synthetic silica can be melted in existing fusion furnaces for natural quartz silica.
  • It is possible to produce quartz material (7N) with higher purity and fewer bubbles than natural quartz (5N) without the need for major facility improvements.

Benefit of use

Compared to base materials manufactured from other existing products, the quartz surface is less rough after etching tests, and particle generation can be suppressed.
Improves process environment cleanliness during semiconductor manufacturing.
Able to develop and manufacture customized solutions based on customers operating environment specifications.
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SEM analysis after etching test to various quartz materials (example of our evaluation results)

Mitsubishi synthetic silica
Other manufacturing method product A
Other manufacturing method product B

Product 【Mitsubishi Synthetic Silica】

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