Ultrapure synthetic silica powder (7N) derived from silicon alkoxide. Ideal as a raw material for quartz glass (silica glass) which requires high purity.


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Mitsubishi Synthetic Silica is Ultrapure synthetic silica "powder" (7N)made from silicon alkoxide method.
Essential material for highly-integrated semiconductor manufacturing.
Due to its outstanding quality and purity, synthetic silica is used as a raw material for high-purity quartz crucibles and silicon wafers manufacturing.
Suppresses various metal elements to low level.
Can be used for manufacturing various quartz glass tubes, rods, and windows.
Also used for various optical applications such as transmittance of ultraviolet range to infrared range.
More than 30 years of development and manufacturing experience using refined, cutting-edge processes and technology.



  • Semiconductor
    • Parts for semiconductor manufacturing
    • Crucible for pulling silicon ingot
  • Telecommunication
    • Optical fibers
  • Medical
    • Scintillator crystal for PET machine.
    • Quartz tube for UV lamp



Molecular formula SiO2
Average particle size in weight D50[μm]60-200(Please contact us for details)
Bulk density [g/cc] 1.25
Purity Al[ppm]0.01> Na[ppm]0.01> Ca[ppm]0.01>
Ti[ppm]0.01> Fe[ppm]0.02 K[ppm]0.01>
OH Content[ppm] 30-60(Please contact us for details)



Fiber drum net. 200 kg

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