During the post CMP cleaning process in semiconductor manufacturing, it is important to remove organic residues and particles on Cu wires and Low-k films without damaging the substrate. Our product, MCX-SDR4, is a high-efficiency cleaning solution suited for semiconductor industries.


  • High efficiency particle removal
  • Removes organic residues effectively
  • Limits galvanic corrosion on Cu wire
  • Limits Low-k damage
  • Improves Low-k wetting properties




After polishing Cu/Low-k film by CMP, the film is left with inorganic and organic residues. Therefore, the following properties are required in order to achieve high purity by post CMP cleaning.

  1. 1.Particle removal
  2. 2.Removal of organic residues
  3. 3.Removal of metal residues
  4. 4.Limit Cu corrosion
  5. 5.Limit side reactions
  6. 6.Hydrophilic treatment on substrate

Our product meets those requirements and provides high performance for the semiconductor industry.


  1. 1.Surfactant improves wetting of hydrophobic surfaces
  2. 2.Limits Cu and Low-k surface damage
  3. 3.Removes organic residues generated by slurry
  4. 4.Effectively removes particles and metal residues
  5. 5.Stable process performance

By having these properties, our product achieves high-efficiency cleaning on Cu wires and on hydrophobic Low-k surfaces. We are continuing to develop and improve advanced cleaning solutions to support the advancing miniaturization of semiconductor processors.



Cleaning after Cu CMP (slurry polishing) process

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