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Synthetic paper, from its early development and historical evolution, has typically been manufactured using synthetic resin derived from petroleum as its primary material. Naturally, this has given it characteristics similar to those of plastic film, but its appearance is remarkably similar to that of regular paper made from wood pulp. In addition, many synthetic papers have properties similar to those of regular paper.

YUPO® is a synthetic paper made mostly from polypropylene film to which inorganic fillers and small amounts of additives are added. In principle, the film is formed while creating microvoids by stretching it biaxially. The most distinguishing feature is its multilayer construction, which consists of a base layer and paper-like layers laminated on either side, whose thickness can be adjusted to provide products ranging from thin to thick. This manufacturing process is shown in the flow sheet in Figure 1. The specific YUPO® manufacturing process is a proprietary technology unique to our company, and numerous patents have been established for it in Japan, Europe and the USA, as well as for the composition.