The Performance Polymers Dept. produces and sells thermoplastic elastomers, adhesive resins, easy-peel adhesive resins, silane cross-linked resins, polyvinyl chloride compounds, and non-halogen fire retardant olefin compounds. A variety of types of thermoplastic elastomers are available --- styrene, olefin, polyester, and polyvinyl chloride based elastomers.


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Zelas™ CP is a polymer compound products based on amorphous polyolefin with high transparency, which is designed to be suitable as a material for medical devices such as medical vials and syringes that require low adsorption of pharmaceuticals and high hygiene.
Zelas™CP has excellent heat-sealing and dissimilar-material adhesion properties, and can be applied as an inner layer of two-color molding or backing, contributing to improved design of medical device components.

※For industrial applications and when good adhesion to metal is required, we introduce Tefabloc™ CP .

Tefabloc™ CP is based on amorphous polyolefins, which not only have high transparency, but also have unique properties not found in other cyclic olefins (COP/COC).
We are developing products for optical applications such as solar panel cover materials utilizing its transparency, and for high-speed communication applications such as 5G and 6G utilizing its low dielectric properties, and can also design products according to customer requirements.

※For medical application, we introduce Zelas™ CP .

TREXPRENE™ TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) is a heat stabilized, vulcanized PP / EPDM product. Globally available for a wide range of applications and approved to a variety of Automotive Specifications.


High flow PVC powders designed for the production of instrument panels, door panels, glove box and other automotive interior surfaces.

TEFABLOC™ is versatile family of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Applies to most of the environments and plastic converting processes.
TEFABLOC™ incorporates several technologies including TPE-S, TPO and TPE-E. Among the large scale of possible properties, some of them are also boosted in process by reactor or dynamic cross-linking.The accurate combination of features leads to tightly satisfy application specifications even the most demanding ones.

Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) olefin based compound with low smoke solutions (LSZH)

VINIKA™ is vinyl based, soft and rigid formulations designed for a wide variety of applications. Fine-tuned properties such as hardness, heat and impact resistance, colour and much more.


LINKLON™ is a silane crosslinkable polyolefin based resin. The post crosslinking reaction drastically boost the material performance in terms of heat resistance and creep behavior at elevated temperature.

A unique tie-layer resin offering excellent adhesive performance to a variety of materials, covering various applications and requirements for automotive, food/non-food packaging, industry and building/construction.
MODIC™ offers two technologies designed to be used as a tie-resin or for peelable purposes:

ZELAS™ are polymers designed for medical applications including R-TPO, specialty TPE compounds and tie layer resins. Specific solutions designed for film, tube and injected components for medical applications.


THERMORUN™ is a comprehensive group of products designed for the manufacturing of airbag covers and housings.

Sunprene™ is high performance flexible PVC-P compounds for demanding environments with outstanding aesthetics.

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