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Erythritol is a sweetener classified as a sugar alcohol, and is a natural sugar found in fermented foods such as wines and rice wines as well as fruits and mushrooms. According to the energy evaluation methods of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it is the only sugar with a recognized energy value of 0kcal/g in Japan.

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation is a comprehensive think tank focused on the field of science that undertakes probing and extensive data mining, information processing and research and analysis centered on the chemical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental and energy sectors. We contribute to the realization of a knowledge creation society through furnishing scientific and technical information, market data and management intelligence, as well as detailed practical proposals that answer the needs of our clients.

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Mitsubishi Chemical Logistics Corporation  can provide the logistics service of the highest standards and quality, based on the results and experience of many years used mainly chemicals.We also can undertake business agency of trade in general, such as advice of trade transactions and paperwork.

We can provide the logistics services of the highest standards and quality, based on the results and experience of many years used mainly chemicals.
In addition, we have a large number of staffs who are familiar with the various logistics services to a wide variety of items not only chemicals and dangerous goods but also auto parts, building materials, food and consumer goods, we will closely meet your needs.
Please contact our person in charge willingly available, such as logistics cost reduction, all consultation,etc.

The Overseas Division as a part of the Marine Business Department in MCLC was established in 2000 in order to globalize our marine transportation business.

The core of our technology is centered on analysis and evaluation of a wide range of polymer materials, from general-purpose resins to engineering plastics. We, as professional analytics specialists, support sincerely customers by performing various types of polymer analysis based on wealth of experience (separation analysis using various forms of chromatography,  analytics using spectroscopic analysis, etc.) to help with material development and the resolution of problems on manufacturing process.