The chain of carbon products derived from coal has been a core business since the founding of the company in 1934. Various products are created to support domestic and overseas steel, auto, and other industries. In addition to coke for iron-making, carbon products derived from coal tar include needle coke for electrodes, pitch coke for carbon specialities, carbon black (CB), synthetic rubber (CB master batch), and so on.


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DIAPOL™-WMB is a composite material (wet masterbatch) produced by acid coagulation of SBR latex, carbon black and water slurry in an ultradispersion process. It is widely applied as a raw material for industrial products; water seals and gaskets; and tires and belts.


DIABLACK™ has been used as rubber reinforcement material in a wide range of products such as tires and rubber products. CAS No.1333-86-4

MITSUBISHI™ Conductive Carbon Black

MITSUBISHI™ Conductive Carbon Black has been used as a conductive material in a wide range of products such as film, IC trays, heating sheet, magnetic tape, and conductive rubber. CAS No.1333-86-4

Carbon Black

MITSUBISHI™ Carbon Black is a black pigment that has been used in a wide range of fields such as newspaper ink, printing ink, colored resin, paint, toner, colored paper, India ink, and ceramics.
Various grades of carbon blacks are available ranging from all- purpose grade to high-grade. In addition, our line of products includes industrial and environmentally-friendly carbon blacks.

  • CAS No.1333-86-4
  • Carbon Black Association Handbook 3rd edition (Ref. 1)
  • Carbon Black Association Annual Report No.61 (2011) (Ref. 2)

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