MC1 is an electronic chemical processing solution which is a high-performance alternative RCA clean. MC1 contributes to the customer`s total cost reduction, because it can remove both particles and metals, thus reducing the number of steps of RCA cleaning. Features: ・Reduction of metal contamination ・Prevention of cross contamination




MC1 is an electronics chemical that is used as a high-performance alternative RCA clean for silicon wafers and the like.  It has the capability to remove both particles and metals.

MC1 is an electronic chemical which can remove both particles and metal impurities from the wafer surface.  That is, it can simultaneously perform two RCA clean functions, namely the SC-1 clean`s particle removal and the SC-2 clean`s metal impurity removal.
As a result, cross contamination is eliminated, the number of RCA clean steps is reduced, and the cleaning solution lifetime is extended.  Therefore a reduction in total processing cost can be achieved.

  • Reduction of metal contamination
  • Prevention of cross contamination



Alternative RCA cleaning solution

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