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We launched the world's first biocatalytic industrial production of acrylamide in 1985 and have been offering this product since 1999.


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Acrylonitrile is used as an acrylic fiber and ABS resin, as well as in the production of a variety of other chemical products. We supply products to customers from two production bases which are at the Otake Plant in Hiroshima and the Mizushima Plant in Okayama.


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Acrylamide is used as a raw material for paper strengthening agents and polymer flocculants, as well as in the production of a variety of other chemical products.
In other countries, it is often used as an oil drilling agent.

We developed this catalyst and have been offering it as a product since 1976. It has other excellent properties such as its byproduct ratio and ability to treat wastewater.

Acetonitrile (ATN)

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It is used as a solvent for organic synthesis for a variety of purposes including pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and fine chemicals.

Chelating Agents

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It is often used in water treatment and the agricultural industry.

Chelating agents are used primarily in soaps, shampoos, and detergents to improve their cleaning effect.
It is converted into a metallic salt and used in the agricultural industry as a water-soluble fertilizer.
Environmentally friendly biodegradable chelating agents (ASDA) are also available.