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Soalon is a triacetate filament produced exclusively by Mitsubishi Chemical.
Since production started in 1967, it has remained popular globally as a breakthrough development in the fiber industry due to its impact on expanding ideas in fashion.
This material combines the beauty of natural pulp with a flexible material created through the power of science.
This combination of beauty and functionality creates a range of possibilities including the development of many variations of fabric and fashion ideas. This has and will continue to have a major impact on people's lifestyles.

Soalon embodies the dream of the fashion industry and paves the way to a colorful future.

This material is made from composite fibers produced using a combination of pulp-based, semi-synthetic fibers and natural fibers. For this reason, it has both excellent functionality and supple feel. The natural fibers give this material its supple and comfortable feeling on the skin. Pulp is the raw material used in this material, and so it is biodegradable. This material is used in clothing, material, and medical applications.