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When considering the design of automotive solutions for 2030, we recognize six main categories of requirements- Connected, Autonomous & Safety, Intelligent Cabin, Electric, Light Weight and Sustainability. Mitsubishi Chemical has incorporated various technologies within each of these categories to create a modular platform design that can be used for individuals as well as ride sharing; illustrated in this short video.

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6 Categories


From antenna technology and optical fiber to semiconductor technology that are vital for large-capacity data communications, we will contribute to the "connected automobile society", which will be accelerated by the realization of the 5G communications technology.

Autonomous & Safety

A wide range of sensors, radars and cameras are needed to support increasingly sophisticated self-driving technology. Special coatings, various engineering plastics and functional resins contribute to the sophistication of these components.

Intelligent Cabin

Special fibers for improved sound insulation, highly functional interior materials with excellent tactile properties and specially designed films create a more visually attractive and comfortable interior space.


Various high-performance materials, including electrolytes and anode materials, contribute to improving the performance and safety of power trains such as batteries, motors and inverters.

Light Weight

With an increase in advanced components, weight reduction still holds the key to decreasing emissions and increasing performance. Our extensive lineup of products and technologies, including carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), long fiber reinforced resins, resin glazing and multi-material technologies bring a wide variety of weight reduction opportunities for the automotive industry.


In order to realize KAITEKI -the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.-we are working to develop materials such as bio-based resins and textile materials that contribute to the sustainability of the global environment, as well as creating a circular economy.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Automotive Solutions (AMS) group is a comprehensive solution provider. We bring the collective strength of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group to identify automotive industry and societal trends and develop solutions that solve our customers' challenges.

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