Tefabloc™ CP is based on amorphous polyolefins, which not only have high transparency, but also have unique properties not found in other cyclic olefins (COP/COC).
We are developing products for optical applications such as solar panel cover materials utilizing its transparency, and for high-speed communication applications such as 5G and 6G utilizing its low dielectric properties, and can also design products according to customer requirements.

※For medical application, we introduce Zelas™ CP .




For Optical application

  1. 1.High transparency
    High transmittance in the UV to visible light range.
  2. 2.Excellent weatherability
    Excellent weather resistance , Resistance to yellowing and applicable to applications that require long-term transparency.

    Haze change by SWOM test(60℃,Rain)

  3. 3.Excellent low moisture absorption
    The olefin-based material has excellent low moisture absorption and can be used for outdoor applications.
  4. 4.Others
    Insert molding provides strong fusion bonding with polyolefin resins such as polypropylene.
  5. 5.UV-C resistant grade (Developed grade)
    The UV-C resistant grade has transmittance to UV-C light, which ordinary transparent resins do not, and a certain level of durability against UV-C light, which is extremely damaging to resins.

    Transmittance measurement results in the UV region by analytical photometer

For High speed communication (Low dielectric) application

  1. 1.Excellent low dielectric properties
    It has excellent low dielectric properties in terms of dielectric loss and dielectric constant, even in the high frequency range.
  2. 2.Adhesion to dissimilar materials
    Tefabloc™ CP adhesion improved grade has high adhesion to various metals (SUS,Al,Cu) and resins(PP,PE,COP,EVOH,PA).



Tefabloc™ CP Application Ideas

For Optical application

  • Optical parts
  • PV cover materials
  • LED sterilization devices, etc.

For High communication application (5G/6G)

  • Low-dielectric printed circuit board materials (CCL, FCCL, adhesives, etc.)
  • Semiconductor package substrate materials
  • Communication cover antennas (radomes), Drone housings, etc.

Grade lineup / Physical properties


Molding conditions


Tefabloc™ CP Injection molding

※No pre-drying required

Tenpereture Hopper 180℃(180-240℃)
Cylinder 250℃(230-280℃)
Nozzle 240℃(220-280℃)
Mold 80℃ ( 70-100℃)

In case of CP101,Cylinder and nozzle temperature is recommended to be 230℃.

Tefabloc™ CP Cast film molding

※No pre-drying required

Temperature Hopper 180℃(180-240℃)
Cylinder 250℃(230-280℃)
Die 240℃(220-280℃)
Roll 80℃ ( 70-100℃)

In case of CP101, Recommended cylinder temperature is 230℃ and die temperature is 220℃.

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