Zelas™ CP is a polymer compound products based on amorphous polyolefin with high transparency, which is designed to be suitable as a material for medical devices such as medical vials and syringes that require low adsorption of pharmaceuticals and high hygiene.
Zelas™CP has excellent heat-sealing and dissimilar-material adhesion properties, and can be applied as an inner layer of two-color molding or backing, contributing to improved design of medical device components.

※For industrial applications and when good adhesion to metal is required, we introduce Tefabloc™ CP .




  1. 1.High transparency
    High transparency in the UV to visible light range
    No autofluorescence in the 380-600nm range, making it suitable as a consumable material in the biochemical field.
    • Special grades with no autofluorescence in the UV region are also available.
  2. 2.Low molecular weight pharmaceuticals/biopharmaceuticals Low adsorption
    Low adsorption grade lineup for protein drugs such as antibody drugs (IgG) and blood serum proteins (fibrinogen)
    Inhibit to adsorption of low molecular weight drugs because of Zelas™CP is amorphous resin compound.
    Zelas™CP 2mL tubes are produced by IJ-molding.
    Control sample:
    Glass vials of medical grade
    Drug condition:
    polycronal IgG aintibody 1.0g/L, 4degree C, 2weeks
    Evaluation method:
    Protein quantification was performed using Thermo Fisher μ-BCA test kit.
  3. 3.Good adhesion
    polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), cyclic polyolefin resin (COP), etc.
    • If adhesion to non-olefinic resins or metals is required, we introduce Tefabloc™ CP.
  4. 4.Adhere at low temperature, 60 degree C
    Thermal bonding at low temperatures (60℃) is possible without pre-treatment such as excimer or corona treatment.
  5. 5.Regulations
    Japanese Pharmacopoeia, 7.02 Test Methods for Plastic Containers.
    USP Class VI

Application Ideas


Pharmaceutical packaging:
vials, syringes, infusion bag inner layer
Medical devices:
Microfluidics, optical cells, etc.
R&D supplies:
cell culture petri dishes, low-absorption chips, tubes, well plates and films

Grade Lineup


Molding Condition


Zelas™ CP Injection molding

※No pre-drying required

Tenpereture Hopper 180℃(180-240℃)
Cylinder 250℃(230-280℃)
Nozzle 240℃(220-280℃)
Mold 80℃ ( 70-100℃)

In case of CP101,Cylinder and nozzle temperature is recommended to be 230 ℃.

Zelas™ CP Cast film molding

※No pre-drying required

Temperature Hopper 180℃(180-240℃)
Cylinder 250℃(230-280℃)
Die 240℃(220-280℃)
Roll 80℃ ( 70-100℃)

In case of CP101, Recommended cylinder temperature is 230℃ and die temperature is 220 ℃.

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Medical Amorphous Polyolefin Zelas™ CP

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