The Overseas Division as a part of the Marine Business Department in MCLC was established in 2000 in order to globalize our marine transportation business. Nowadays we offer a tanker fleet for Petrochemical Products, Vegetable Oils and CPP, covering the areas of the Middle East, India, South East Asia and Far East Asia.

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We have long satisfied Charterers with our dedicated service and performance which have made us obtain huge appreciation and confidence from Charterers. As an earnest and faithful partner, we can present the ideal logistics under the concept of "WE CAN ALWAYS PROVIDE YOU WHAT YOU NEED" on the basic ground of "Charterer-Oriented Service".

We believe that Charterers need such an advanced style of Shipping Company which can provide them the best logistic plan beyond just saying "Yes or No". Finding out the best way, presenting the best idea and servicing the best delivery, give us the most pleasure at all times.



Tanker Transport

In the field of tanker operations, our primal target is, needless to say, Charterers' satisfaction. What are Charterers satisfied with most? Finding this out always comes first in MCLC's fundamental concerns. The answer might vary depending on the situation, but we figure it is, most generally, "SAFETY & PUCTUALITY" and also "FLEXIBILITY".

Understanding the global business situation, putting Charterers on the center of our service, and carrying their cargo with "SAFETY & PUNCTUALITY", we can meet their urgent requests with "FLEXIBILITY".

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