Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation is a comprehensive think tank focused on the field of science that undertakes probing and extensive data mining, information processing and research and analysis centered on the chemical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, environmental and energy sectors. We contribute to the realization of a knowledge creation society through furnishing scientific and technical information, market data and management intelligence, as well as detailed practical proposals that answer the needs of our clients.

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Research and Consultiong


Based on client requests, we collate information, material and data on technologies and markets, undertake interviews, questionnaire surveys and overseas surveys, and carry out analysis/research and proposals/consulting. We are also associated with overseas consulting companies possessing global networks, and we can deliver up-to-date global information.

Contract Research

Policy and Regulatory Trends Studies
Corporate Trend/Industry Trend/Strategy
Studies Technical Trend/Forecast Studies
R&D Trend Study
Research Evaluation/Policy Assessment
Patent Analysis Studies
Market Trend/Forecast Studies
Monitoring of Designated Technologies/Products
Social/Economic Trend Studies


Business Development
New Product Development
Production Management
Technology Transfer
Regional Industry Support Strategies
Venture Capital Investment Evaluation
Dispatch of Experts Overseas
Overseas Technical and Economic Cooperation
Risk Management

Information Service


Mitsubishi Chemical Techno-Research assists with the data concerns of its clients in various aspects, from obtaining electronic data through to processing and dissemination.

Patent Information

Searches based on technical content, classification, and applicant for Japanese and overseas (Europe, U.S., Asia) patent information.

Classification, data processing and mapping of search results.
Preceding technology surveys prior to applications.
Surveys for patent invalidation.

Technology Information

Searches based on technical content, keywords, and author for information other than patents, such as literature, chemical compounds, and arrangement.

Classification, data processing and mapping of search results.
Preceding technology surveys prior to applications.
Surveys for patent invalidation.

Business Information

Data searches and collection covering corporate information, market intelligence, newspaper information, and business magazines.

Database Construction

Design and operation of small-scale databases customized for specific needs.
Attribution of classifications and key words.

Home Page Creation

Specializing in handling chemical products, technologies, data and patents.
Creation of content as well.



At Mitsubishi Chemical Research we independently select themes from the chemical and related sectors that meet the needs of the times, as well as themes that require continued monitoring, and publish our findings in a timely manner. Furthermore, we regularly report on the management and technology strategies of major Japanese chemical companies, provide analysis regarding technologies, and product strategy that are under the spotlight.


Series Publications

  • Petrochemical Industry — China, Middle East, Southeast Asian and other countries in the Asian region
  • Rechargeable Batteries, Fuel Cells
  • Manuals for Chemical Safety

Other Multi-Client Publications

  • Environmental Issues
  • Polymers
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Electronics and New Materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biodegradable Polymers
  • Catalysts

DIRASS Reports

Publications on Companies

Regular analysis of management and technology strategies at major chemical companies.

Publications on Businesses

Survey of trends in individual business sectors based on analysis of group of 3–4 companies. (specialty organic chemical companies, inorganic chemical companies, fine chemical companies, plastics processing companies, synthetic fiber companies, consumer-oriented product companies, etc.)
12 editions published in one year

Publications on Technologies

RAnalysis of technology trends, market trends, and patent trends for specific technologies and products.
<Themes covered>
Polymers, Fine Chemicals, Electronics, Biotechnology, Advanced Technologies (in the chemical sector), Environment, Catalysts. Other

Publications on Products

Raise a certain product (commodity) and analyze the usage trends, technological trends and patent trends, etc., of raw material/material (chemical-related product) groups
<Theme Selection>
Major products, new products, highly anticipated products, etc. (Theme examples: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, solar cells, plant factories, etc.)

Inquiries Concerning Products


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