jERCURE™ curing agents for epoxy resins are an abundant set of curing agents that cover the full range from low to high curing temperature with functional groups ranging from amine, mercaptan, and phenol to Lewis acid complex compounds. A curing agent can be chosen from this set to fit the application. There are water-based curing agents for water-based epoxy resins, too.


jER™ epoxy resin


This curing agent reacts with the jER™ epoxy resin to form the three-dimensional, hardened epoxy material.  Various kinds of compounds are used as curing agents (or cross-linking agents) according to the particular application.  The main types can be roughly classified into the following groups by chemical structure.

Amine Compounds

  • Aliphatic polyamines:  Mainly room temperature curing agents.
  • Polyaminoamide (polyamide resins):  Mainly room temperature curing agents.
  • Ketimine:  Mainly room temperature latent curing agents.
  • Alicyclic diamine:  Mainly middle temperature curing agents.
  • Aromatic diamine:  Mainly high temperature curing agents.
  • Other amines (imidazole, tertiary amines):  Mainly high temperature curing agents.

Acid anhydride:  Mainly high temperature curing agents.


  • Mercaptan :  Mainly low temperature curing agents.
  • Phenol resin, amino resin:  Mainly high temperature curing agents.
  • Dicyandiamide, Lewis acid complex :  Mainly latent curing agents.

   In addition to these basic curing agents, Mitsubishi Chemical's jERCURE™ products include modifying curing agents. These are designed to modify working properties and/or post-cure performance characteristics.



The jERCURE™ assortment of products can meet a wide variety of application requirements from general-purpose grade curing agents to specialized, application-specific performance grade curing agents.

jERCURE™ grades include: the traditional, relatively low-toxicity aliphatic polyamine grades jERCURE™ T, T0184, U; low viscosity, high heat-resistance alicyclic amine grade jERCURE™ 113; enhanced processing workability aromatic amine grades jERCURE™ W, DX103; high-solids, coatings-use ketimine mold-curing grades jERCURE™ H3, H30; and powdered paints typycal curing agent grade jERCURE™ 170, 171N.

In addition, other available grades include:  MXDA and IPDA-based room temperature curing agent jERCURE™  3000 Series; displaying unique hardness imidazoles; featuring proprietary water-resistance technology acid anhydrides; fine-grinding grain size control dicyandiamides; and excellent low-temperature curing mercapatans.



  • Paints and coatings
  • Electrical insulation materials
  • Composite materials
  • Civil-engineering and construction materials
  • Adhesives
  • Tools
  • Other applications

Handling Precautions

A Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare toxicity study concluded that bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin and bisphenol F liquid epoxy resin are mutagenic.  Therefore, when handling, it is necessary to follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry.  In addition, as substances that can cause allergic dermatitis, official handling guidelines have been established by the Japanese Labor Standards Director and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Similarly, precautions are needed in handling the curing agent.   Especially amine-type curing agents can cause allergy-like dermatitis in people.  In order to avoid direct contact, please use protective cream, gloves, goggles,  and apron.  Avoid inhalation of vapor and particulates by working in a well-ventilated area and working upwind of the material. 
In the event of skin contact, avoid use of solvents, wipe the affected area with a dry cloth, wash thoroughly with soap and water, and then apply hand cream.
In the event of eye contact, flush eyes with water for more than 15 minutes, and then seek medical attention.
Refer to each product's data safety sheet (SDS) for further details.

Mitsubishi Chemical strives to be a reliable supplier of high-quality jER™ epoxy resin.  As part of this effort, we offer technical services to assist our customers with the appropriate use of the products as well as with development for new technical applications. Please contact us at the Specialty Chemicals Dept. for more information about product quality, processing techniques, or new applied technology for jER™ epoxy resins and curing agents.



Epoxy Resin Curing Agents

A wide variety of curing agents are available to choose from according to the conditions and performance requirements: modified amines, polyfunctional phenols, imidazoles, mercaptans, acid anhydrides, etc.

  • Basic grade
  • Low viscosity grade
  • Slow curing grade
  • Fast curing grade
  • Flexible grade
  • Mercaptan grade
  • Solvent grade
  • Modified aliphatic amine grade
  • Modified aliphatic amine hardening accelerator grade   (tertiary amine) 
  • Modified alicyclic amine grade
  • Modified aromatic amine grade
  • Ketimine grade (room temperature latency)
  • Imidazole grade (curing agent or a hardening accelerator)
  • Acid anhydride grade
  • Powder grade ---  Phenols
  • Powder grade ---  Dicyandiamide fine-grinding products
  • Water-based epoxy resin curing agents

Inquiries Concerning Products

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