SHIKOH ――UV Curable Resin from Mitsubishi Chemical

UV curable resin is garnering wide spread attention for its low-polluting, energy-saving properties and high productivity.
Mitsubishi Chemical offers a wide lineup of such resin under the SHIKOH brand name, with a special emphasis on urethane acrylate oligomer.
In addition to hard coating application, SHIKOH is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Mitsubishi Chemical's SHIKOH holds the key to the future of ultraviolet curable resin.


Applications &Characteristics


Hard Type
  • Hard Coatings for plastic films
  • Optical films
  • Metalizing materials
  • Building materials, etc.
Medium-hard Type
  • Ink applications
  • Flexible coating on plastic
  • Weather-resistant coating on plastic
  • Base and middle coating on building materials,etc.
Soft, Elastic Type
  • Adhesives for electronic device
  • Glass and metals
  • Undercoating for metalizing materials and building materials, etc.
Adhesive and Special Functional Resin Types
  • Adhesives for optically clear films
  • Masking films
  • Special vanish, etc.

Testing Methods (SHIKOH)

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UV Curable Urethane Acrylate Oligomer

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