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Polyester Dept.

The major products of the Polyester Dept. are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). PET resin is the condensation product of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, and is used as a material for bottles or sheet film.
Although PET is a crystalline resin, a transparent product can be obtained without crystallizing if rapid cooling from the molten state is carried out.  For bottle manufacturing, after making the cast of a preform (the shape of a test tube) by injection molding, at the time of the quench the familiar PET bottle shape is molded.

For sheet manufacturing, a sheet called A-PET is obtained by extrusion molding followed by the quench cooling.  The A-PET sheet is then reheated and formed into a food tray, egg pack, or clear case package, etc.

After the quench, further heat treatment and bi-axial stretching improves the polyester film's gas barrier, heat resistance, and dimensional stability properties.    Polyester films are used for food packaging components and various industrial commodities.

PET resin for bottles is sold by the Japan UniPET company with the brand name of a "Uni-PET."  The rest is sold by Mitsubishi Chemical with the brand name of a "NOVAPEX." Moreover, A-PET sheet is sold with the  brand name "NOVACLEAR." Mitsubishi Chemical takes care of the production and quality control.  Roll products are sold by  Mitsubishi Chemical, while cut board products are sold by J-Film.

On the other hand, PBT resin is the condensation product of terephthalic acid and 1,4-butanediol (14BG). PBT features a quick crystallization speed  and a short molding cycle.  A "compound" made up of PBT, glass fibers, and fire retardant is used to make parts for the electrical, electronics, and automotive fields.

PBT resin is sold by Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics with the brand name "NOVADURAN." For details of NOVADURANsee Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics web page.

NOVADURAN(Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics) web page


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