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ZEBREX™ contributes to the optimization (efficiency improvement) of your plant. Not only is ZEBREX™ an energy-saving dehydration process by itself, it also makes it possible for us to offer optimization proposal for process as an integrated system with Distillation to maximize its efficiency. As it is a dehydration process, ZEBREX™ can be applied to bioethanol plants that use all sorts of raw materials.

Zeolite membrene KonKer™

KonKer™, the zeolite membrane for food dehydration and concentration from Mitsubishi Chemical, can be used with a variety of liquid foods, making it possible to safely concentrate and dehydrate without the use of heat while preserving flavor and fragrance components.


ZEBREX™ is a cutting-edge zeolite membrane dehydration process. With a proven track-record at over 70 plants in the world, the combination of dehydration devices with ZEBREX™ zeolite membranes for bioethanol manufacturing processes can contribute to energy-saving and increased production. It is also best suited for processes for collecting and dehydrating solvents such as NMP (N-Methyl -2-Pyrrolidone), isopropanol, and ethanol.