Basic Policy

Based on the Basic Internal Control System Maintenance Policy established by the Board of Directors, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) maintains an internal control system that encompasses MCC Group systems related to enforcing compliance, risk management, ensuring efficacy and efficiency, and information archiving. By doing so, MCC strives to ensure appropriate operations and enhance corporate value. The Board of Directors receives reports on and verifies the maintenance and operational status of the internal control system once a year, and MCC works to strengthen and improve the system as needed.

Improving Our Internal Control Systems

Based on the Mitsubishi Chemical Group Regulations on Promoting the Improvement of the Internal Control System, established July 1, 2017, MCC is reinforcing governance, ensuring proper operations, and establishing and improving related processes and operations to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of such initiatives. Together, these efforts constitute the foundation of internal control at MCC Group companies.

In fiscal 2019, in coordination with the regional headquarters, MCC supported the reinforcement of governance and the control of operational processes to strengthen internal control at Group companies. MCC will continue to build mechanisms that enable MCC Group companies to independently check the maintenance and operational status of their internal control systems and implement improvements.