Promotion of Open Innovation through Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

1. Promotion of open innovation through industry-academia-government cooperation

We will improve the chances of R&D success and reduce the R&D period by strengthening and expanding research capability through strategic cooperation with external research institutes. We will also identify and create development themes that will lead to new businesses by utilizing external seeds.

2. Integration with our technology platforms

We create products and services that differentiate themselves from competitors by integrating our proprietary technologies (technology platforms) derived from extensive and diverse business and research activities with technologies and knowhow acquired through external cooperation.

3. Globalization of R&D

We will continue to develop world-class products by closely cooperating with organizations in and outside Japan that have cutting-edge technologies and high creativity, and by maintaining and strengthening international competitiveness in R&D. To this end, we will promote and expand joint research and personnel exchange mainly between Japan, the U.S., Asia, and Europe to build a global R&D network.