Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) discloses information with the aim of reporting to as many stakeholders as possible on its initiatives aimed at Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s vision, realizing KAITEKI.

The fiscal 2021 report is organized into three main sections, “Management Structure,” “Responsible Care Activities” and “Together with Stakeholders,” which detail the efforts that comprise the foundation of our activities aimed at realizing KAITEKI. The report also includes information on our efforts to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Beginning in fiscal 2021, we are conducting a survey about the Sustainability Website/Report to further enhance its content.

Sustainability Website/Report Survey

In addition, the entire Sustainability Report 2021 is available as a single PDF file that can be downloaded from link below.

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Reporting Period

Fiscal 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021)

The report also covers some activities undertaken in fiscal 2021.

Scope of the Report

The basic scope of reporting encompasses Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation on a non-consolidated basis. However, certain sections contain reporting on a consolidated basis that encompasses Group companies. The scope of reporting, whether non-consolidated or consolidated, is indicated in each instance.

Referenced Guidelines

Ministry of the Environment Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018
Ministry of the Environment Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005


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This report contains not only past and present facts about the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Group, but also forecasts related to social conditions, business plans, policies and estimates of their outcomes. These forecasts and estimates are assumptions or judgments based on the information available at the time of their writing. As such, actual future social conditions and business activity outcomes may differ from the forecasts and estimates presented in this report.