As a core operating company of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) shares the MCHC Group’s mission, vision and core values, working to realize KAITEKI by providing solutions to environmental and social issues and contributing to the sustainable development of people, society and the Earth.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

MCC is working to address the following specific environmental and social issues.

  • Efficient use of resources and energy
  • Climate change (reducing CO2)
  • Securing clean water resources
  • Food and agriculture problems
  • Health maintenance and disease treatment
  • Developing a smart society

What is KAITEKI?

Humanity has advanced to where it is today as a result of diverse economic activities as well as scientific and technological progress. At the same time, however, we have upset the natural balance of the global environment and are now confronted with complex problems ranging from climate change and natural resource and energy depletion to the uneven distribution of food and water. In addition to addressing these global issues, corporations are being asked by society to contribute to the fields of healthcare and medicine and to explore ways to improve convenience and advance technology while coexisting harmoniously with the planet.

KAITEKI refers to “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.” An original concept coined by the MCHC Group, KAITEKI points to a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues.

MCC shares the vision of realizing KAITEKI with MCHC and, building on a foundation of chemistry, provides solutions to environmental and social issues through businesses related to performance products and industrial materials. In addition, MCC aims to more broadly contribute to the sustainable development of people, society and the Earth.

To advance corporate activities under the vision of realizing KAITEKI, we must earn the trust of stakeholders, and to do that, we must work in harmony with our stakeholders. As we advance our corporate activities, we will share our goals and the challenges we face with our stakeholders through dialogue and disclosure.

KAITEKI Management

In line with KAITEKI, the MCHC Group seeks to advance corporate activities aimed at solving environmental and social problems. To do so, however, conventional value criteria and management methods are not sufficient.

We have therefore created our own management method, which we named KAITEKI Management, and put it into practice. This method is based on three management axes: Management of Economics, which aims to increase economic value by focusing on capital efficiency, Management of Technology, which aims to foster innovation that leads to higher economic and social value, and Management of Sustainability, which aims to enhance social value through improvements in sustainability. The MCHC Group evaluates and implements corporate activities based on these axes, its mission and its core values, always informed by an awareness of shifting trends and opportunities. We refer to the corporate value constituted by these three axes as KAITEKI Value. By enhancing said value, we get closer to realizing KAITEKI while improving the Group’s sustainability. As an operating company, Mitsubishi Chemical also practices KAITEKI Management, implementing PDCA cycles using quantitative scoring on each of the three axes as it strives to increase corporate value, i.e., KAITEKI Value.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group’s KAITEKI Management
The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group's KAITEKI Management