Basic Policy

In line with the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Corporate Citizenship Activities Policy[Open in a new window], the Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) Group provides not only monetary and material support, but contributes to actual activities (providing human support) in such areas as creating an inclusive society, fostering the development of the next generation, protecting the global environment, communicating with local communities and disaster support.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Corporate Citizenship Activities Policy

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group strives to deepen its understanding of the culture and customs of the communities and countries where it operates and to contribute to society through its businesses. Furthermore, as a good corporate citizen, the MCHC Group works to meet the demands and expectations of society and communities and realize KAITEKI.


  • Conduct corporate citizenship activities in communities and countries where we operate from a viewpoint of sustainability 〔Green〕, health, and comfort.
  • Deepen our understanding of social needs through communication with various stakeholders and other organizations.
  • Conduct activities together with employees and encourage their positive participation.
  • Support employees in their volunteer activities.

Social Contribution Activities

Creating an Inclusive Society

In April 2017, MCC signed an agreement to become an official partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA), as it agrees with JPSA’s mission of creating a vibrant, inclusive society.

At JPSA sporting events, employees volunteer (operating reception, setting up facilities, etc.) in addition to watching and cheering the matches. We also hold internal Boccia competitions, actively promoting understanding of parasports among employees. By helping to further spread and develop such sports, MCC seeks to contribute to the realization of an inclusive society that is healthy, both physically and mentally, and where each individual’s individuality is respected.

May 2017 Japan Para Wheelchair Rugby Championship
May 2017 Japan Para Wheelchair Rugby Championship
October 2017 internal Boccia competition (head office)
October 2017 internal Boccia competition (head office)

Fostering the Development of the Next Generation

The MCC Group holds chemistry experiment workshops at various locations, aiming to spark an interest in chemistry and science among children, who represent the next generation. Furthermore, by performing chemistry experiment shows for children at events held by the Yume Kagaku-21 Committee, we actively support the committee’s activities. (The Yume Kagaku-21 Committee comprises the Chemical Society of Japan; Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan; Japan Association for Chemical Innovation; and Japan Chemical Industry Association.)

Protecting the Global Environment and Communicating with Local Communities

The MCC Group enthusiastically carries out woodland conservation and local area and waterway cleanup activities. For example, we participate twice a year in Tokyo Greenship Action, under which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, NPOs and companies work together to maintain nature conservation areas in Tokyo. Furthermore, we participate in local events, invite local residents to events at plants, and open our sports fields and athletic facilities to the public. We also proactively host tours for students as part of ongoing efforts to communicate with local communities.


June 2018 Tokyo Greenship Action

April 2018 Asakura River clean-up activities (Toyohashi Plant)
April 2018 Asakura River clean-up activities (Toyohashi Plant)
November 2017 Plant tour for students of Nagahama City Nagahama-Kita Elementary School (Shiga Plant)

Disaster Support

In and outside Japan, MCC provides monetary and material donations to areas affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which struck the United States in August 2017, and the devastating flooding in West Japan in July 2018.

Furthermore, we actively provide human support. For example, we backed employee volunteer activities carried out in partnership with an NPO to aid recovery after the July 2018 flooding.

As part of efforts to support recovery in Japan’s Tohoku region, since 2013, the MCHC Group has held an annual market featuring local specialty products from Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. Beginning in 2017, we also carried out a project in which high school students directly sell products they develop and manufacture themselves using locally produced goods. Going forward, we will continue to support recovery directly and the recovery initiatives of Tohoku residents.

August 2017 Volunteers in areas affected by the northern Kyushu floods
August 2017 Volunteers in areas affected by the northern Kyushu floods

July 2018 Volunteers in areas affected by floods (Mizushima Plant)