Labor-Management Relations Based on Mutual Trust

After the former Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Plastics and Mitsubishi Rayon, merged in April 2017 to create the new Mitsubishi Chemical, the three former companies’ existing labor unions at first continued to operate in parallel. However, in April 2018, the Mitsubishi Chemical Workers Union, MITSUBISHI PLASTICS LABOR UNION and MITSUBISHI RAYON UNION combined to form the new Mitsubishi Chemical Workers Union.

Because Mitsubishi Chemical and Nippon Kasei Chemical merged in April 2018, the Mitsubishi Chemical Labor Union and Nippon Kasei Chemical Rodo Kumiai currently exist in parallel. Mitsubishi Chemical is working to build labor-management relations based on mutual trust with the two labor unions through such means as holding meetings that bring management and the unions together to exchange opinions and by maintaining close dialogue.