Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) is implementing a range of initiatives aimed at enabling employees—upon whom realizing KAITEKI depends—to exercise their abilities to the fullest as well as at achieving sustainable corporate development based on a relationship of trust between employees and management.

Basic Policy

"Utilizing people’s capabilities" is one of the fundamental management policies of the MCC Group. We practice health and productivity management and carry out management with the aim of empowering all Group members to work with enthusiasm, motivation and initiative, allowing each individual to exercise their abilities to the fullest while promoting diversity and viewing the diversity of human resources as a strength.

The Human Resources and Organization We Aspire to Be

We, as individuals, aspire to:

  • Think deeply about, take action according to, and take responsibility for our own duties and roles.
  • Proactively embrace differences, respect one another and broadly connect with others.
  • Look beyond the status quo and take new action to continuously and ambitiously seek to create value.

We, as an organization, aspire to:

  • Share common goals and a common direction and create an organization where we can all thrive.
  • Anticipate change and work together to take action quickly.
  • Leverage diverse individuality and ways of thinking to continually seek value creation that is greater than the sum of our individual contributions (1 +1 > 2).

Personnel Strategy for Sustainable Corporate Development

MCC is mainly implementing initiatives related to the following issues with the aim of utilizing people’s capabilities.

  • KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management
  • Respect for human rights and promoting diversity
  • Effective placement and human resource development

In implementing initiatives related to the first of these, KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management, we are focusing on both health support and workstyle reforms, aiming to improve health at the individual and workplace levels. That is, we are working to realize workstyles that facilitate health and job satisfaction for every employee as well as workplace environments that allow each individual to thrive and utilize their abilities to the fullest. MCC is working strategically—investing and building frameworks—to make this happen. We are encouraging every employee to proactively examine their own health, work and workplace, ask what they can do to enhance their own health and vigor at work, and take action accordingly. We believe that this approach will help each employee achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement both at work and in their everyday lives. Furthermore, individuals and organizations backed up by health exert a positive influence in their families and communities. In this way, we are confident that we can contribute to society through our businesses and thus contribute to realizing KAITEKI.

As for the second issue, respect for human rights and promoting diversity, we want the MCC Group to be an organization in which all employees respect one other’s diverse individuality and values, including nationality, race, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability or lack thereof, and together fulfill the Group’s corporate social responsibility while enabling every individual in the Group to exercise their abilities to the fullest. Aiming to lay the foundations and create support to enable diverse human resources to thrive, we are further developing our existing initiatives related to respect for human rights, hiring people with disabilities, enabling women to succeed, and providing support for child care and nursing care. At the same time, we are working to create environments that are accommodating of all employees, regardless of nationality, and to foster understanding and provide support for LGBT individuals and other sexual minorities.

The third issue is effective placement and human resource development, an area in which we aim to enable every employee to work with enthusiasm, motivation and initiative and to exercise their abilities to the fullest. Specifically, we are engaging in personnel placement on a Group-wide basis to meet the demands created by globalization. We have also adopted a career development program—a system for medium- to long-term strategic personnel placement and development with the aim of encouraging employees to pursue self-directed growth. Going forward, based on this program, while clearly delineating the roles of the Group in Japan and the regional headquarters, we will advance effective placement and human resource development across the MCC Group as a whole.

Aiming for “Sustainable Engagement”: The MCC & me Survey

In fiscal 2019, MCC Group launched the MCC & me Survey, an engagement survey replacing the Employee Perception Surveys implemented in years past, on a global basis. Approximately 34,000 Group employees answered the survey, for a response rate of 79%.

We aim to use the survey to understand the state of “sustainable engagement”—a term we use to refer to the intensity of employees’ connection to their organization, marked by committed effort to achieve goals (being engaged) in environments that support productivity (being enabled) and maintain personal well-being (feeling energized). We believe that understanding and bolstering sustainable engagement will help enhance employee performance and thereby improve customer satisfaction and business performance.