Aiming to realize KAITEKI, an original concept created by the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) works with business partners to promote purchasing and procurement that take into account CSR-related considerations based on the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior[Open in a new window]. Our Basic Procurement Policy and requests for suppliers are published on the page linked to below.

Promoting Communication

We facilitate communication with raw materials and packaging materials suppliers using a guidebook and survey to ensure suppliers share our understanding of CSR issues and to confirm the status of related initiatives.

We utilize survey results to provide feedback to business partners and engage in dialogue about making specific improvements. By doing so, MCC aims to build sound relationships with its business partners that enable mutual growth and improvement.

In fiscal 2018, we plan to again carry out a survey of our business partners. We believe that the survey, covering such topics as the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and responses to recent external trends, will allow us to more accurately express our commitments and priorities, and improve the quality of communications with business partners.

Mitsubishi Chemical’s CSR Procurement

Mitsubishi Chemical’s CSR Procurement

Compliance with the Subcontract Act

To maintain sound relationships with its business partners, MCC has clearly articulated a system for ensuring compliance with the Subcontract Act and established internal rules, including the Subcontract Act Compliance Regulations, in which the specific scope of application and compliance requirements of the Subcontract Act are laid out. To ensure that transactions are conducted pursuant to such internal rules, MCC systematically implements internal training and audits of related departments.