Basic Policy

With socioeconomic globalization advancing and markets growing larger and more complex, the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group believes that it is essential to expand and strategically utilize the value of its patents, expertise, trademarks and other accumulated intellectual capital in order to realize synergies between its operating companies and achieve further growth.

In line with this conviction, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) formulates and executes its intellectual property strategy with a focus on the type of intellectual property environment it seeks to create and the nature of the technologies and other intellectual property that each of its businesses generates and utilizes. Alongside these efforts, MCC works to reinforce the legal protections and improve the effectiveness of its intellectual property. Accordingly, the company endeavors to respect the valid intellectual property rights of other parties and takes appropriate measures when its own intellectual property rights are infringed upon.

Furthermore, aiming to expand the operating revenue of the MCHC Group as a whole, we actively promote coordination between operating companies in the area of intellectual property. By sharing intellectual property, we aim to enhance the MCHC Group’s overall competitiveness and R&D productivity. At the same time, we work with third parties to employ the intellectual property of the operating companies in mutually complementary ways. By doing so, the entire MCHC Group works as one to maintain the value of its intellectual property and exercise and protect its rights.

Intellectual Property Training

We implement intellectual property training aimed at developing united strategic intellectual property activities across MCC’s business departments, R&D departments and Intellectual Property Department. Through a rank-specific program covering everyone from new recruits to the leadership class, we strive to implement practical education for business and R&D departments that goes beyond just legal knowledge.

Human Resource Development of Intellectual Property Department Staff

MCC believes that its Intellectual Property Department should be staffed by human resources who can leverage their intellectual property expertise and advance intellectual property activities that contribute to operating revenue alongside business and R&D departments. Accordingly, we are developing such human resources, using targeted programs to foster practical work execution, planning/strategy and organizational management abilities.

In addition, we are working to develop globally oriented human resources through such means as an overseas training system.

Code of Research Conduct

MCC has established the Code of Research Conduct to ensure that its researchers’ conduct, in all R&D activities, is always exemplary.

To ensure that research is carried out responsibly, the Code of Research Conduct includes provisions regarding the proposal of research topics and execution of related research, data management, the presentation of results, communication between researchers and procedures for addressing compliance problems.

MCC utilizes a variety of opportunities to implement and reinforce education related to the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, the MCHC Group’s basic regulations concerning compliance, and the Code of Research Conduct to ensure that researchers act with an awareness of such rules as they carry out their duties.

Reflecting these efforts, MCC’s researchers bring a strong sense of ethics, sincerity and humility to their R&D work, seeking to live up to the trust and expectations of society by respecting both our own intellectual property and that of other parties while contributing to the growth and development of the MCHC Group as a whole on an ongoing basis.