As part of its efforts to promote KAITEKI Management, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) has created the MOS (Management of Sustainability) Indices to gauge its contribution to people, society and the Earth. MCHC uses these indices to evaluate progress made with regard to MOS, one of its management axes, which aims to enhance social value through improvements in sustainability. The MCHC Group has revised the MOS Indices and the ways it is using them in line with updates to its materiality assessments and the formulation of the medium-term management plan. The Group has been applying the new MOS Indices since fiscal 2016.

As an operating company, Mitsubishi Chemical also implements and evaluates management aimed at improving sustainability based on the new MOS Indices.

Index that needs to be achieved Achieve zero occurrences of serious accidents and compliance violations
S Index Contribute to reducing environmental impact S-1-1 Reduce burden on the atmospheric environment
S-1-2 Reduce burden on the water environment
S-1-3 Reduce burden on the soil environment
Efficient use of resources and energy S-2-1 Promote activities to conserve energy
S-2-2 Convert to resource-saving and reusable materials
S-2-3 Promote use of renewable energy
Contribute to the sustainability of the environment and resources through products and services S-3-1 Provide products and services that contribute to reducing GHG emissions
S-3-2 Provide products and services that help solve water resource problems
S-3-3 Provide products and services that help solve food problems
H Index Contribute to medical treatment H-1-1 Pharmaceuticals provision
H-1-2 Provide clinical testing services
Contribute to the prevention and early detection of diseases H-2-1 Provide vaccines
H-2-2 Provide health management and health checkup information
Contribute to achieving healthy and hygienic lives through products and services H-3-1 Provide products for the health field
H-3-2 Provide products for the sanitation field
H-3-3 Provide products for the medical field
C Index Endeavor to earn greater recognition of corporate trust from societyC-1-1 Improve awareness of compliance
C-1-2 Prevent accidents and injuries
C-1-3 Initiatives to provide products and services trusted by society
Promote communication and work in concert with stakeholders C-2-1 Promote communication with business partners
C-2-2 Improve evaluation by stakeholders
C-2-3 Build a dynamic and cooperative organization
Contribute to achieving a more comfortable society and better lifestyle C-3-1 Provide products and services that contribute to a comfortable society and better lifestyles