This is an electronic chemical used in wet etching in semiconductor manufacturing. We are providing the next etching solutions needed by the industry.
Si etchant, Al etchant




A wet etchant is a chemical solution used in the electronics industry for wet etching.  Wet etching and dry etching are processing methods that are used to form an electronic circuit on a semiconductor by photofabrication.

In the electronics industry, the etching solution chemicals are varied depending on the material to be etched.  For example, to perform etching of silicon (Si), a mixture of hydrofluoric acid (electronic grade) and nitric acid (electronic grade) is used.  Other compounds are also added in the mixture to control the etch rate, the etch selectivity (ratio of etch rate of different materials), and the etch anisotropy (ratio of etch rate in the direction perpendicular to the surface to the etch rate in the direction parallel to the surface). The optimal etchant composition depends on the substrate and resist materials as well as the etching method.



Semiconductor manufacturing wet etching

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Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. provides following etching solutions.

  • Si etchant
  • Al etchant

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