High heat-resistant engineering plastic film formed with polyetherimide resin.




  • High tensile strength, Crack-resistant.
  • Good low frequency characteristic and low temperature dependence.
  • Far superio Glass transition temperature among the thermoplastic resin.
  • Especially, F-type has very high chemical resistance against Polar solvent.
  • Good ultraviolet resisting property.
  • Low smoking value. (The smallest level among plastics films for general use)
  • Capable of forming by heating.



  • Diaphragm for Speaker
  • Insulating material
    • Moters
    • Moters for refrigerators
    • Transformers
    • Generators
    • Wire sheathes
  • Circuit Bord
    • Membrane switches,
    • Flat Heater
    • Connectors
  • Lead tape
  • Heat resistant label and tapes

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