Acetic acid is used as a sour agent added in vinegar, pickled vegetables, and sauce, and as a raw material for spice. When used as a food additive, acetic acid can be indicated by its group name, substance name, or abbreviated name according to the purpose of use.




Purpose Group name or abbreviated name
Keep the pH level of food in the appropriate level pH regulator
Improve taste by adding or enhancing sour taste Sour agent
Other purposes (shelf-life extension, combined use with preservative, etc.) Acetic acid

Representative food


Vinegar, Pickled vegetables, Sauce

Product list and specification


Glacial acetic acid(99% purity acetic acid), 90% purity acetic acid, 80% purity acetic acid

Item Unit Standard value
Appearance White crystalline lumps or clear liquid
Color (Hazen scale) Not more than 10
Purity Optional
Evaporation residue Not more than 0.003
Potassium permanganate method min Not less than 100
Formic acid Not more than 0.07
Formaldehyde Not more than 0.003
Heavy metal (as Pb) μg/g Not more than 0.5
Sulfate Not more than 0.001
Salt Not more than 0.0002
Iron Iron
Arsenic (as As) μg/g Not more than 3
Identification This product is acidic, exhibiting acetate reaction
Conforming to Japanese Standard of Food Additive (JSFA)
*Results for items marked with* are based on the test data of glacial acetic acid (99% purity acetic acid) before dilution (under factory guarantee).



20kg Polyethylene can, 200kg Stainless steel drum, Tank lorry

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