Testing Methods (SHIKOH)


  • UV curable component: Photoinitiator (Omnirad 184) = 100:4 *Diluted to NV50% in ethyl acetate when oligomer viscosity is high


  • Pencil hardness: Coated to a dry thickness of 10μm on 125 μm treated PET film using a bar coater
  • Tensile strength: Coated to a dry thickness of 100μm on PET film using an applicator
  • Adhesion: Diluted in isopropyl alcohol (30% oligomer) and coated to a dry thickness of 5-10μm on various materials using a bar coater
  • Optical properties: Coated to dry thickness of 5-10μm on PET film
  • Surface resistance: Coated to a dry thickness of 5-10μm on treated PET film using a bar coater


Resins that contain an organic solvent or are diluted in an organic solvent were dried as follows.

  • Diluting solvent (ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone): 60℃ × 3 min
  • Diluting solvent (butyl acetate, toluene, methyl isobutyl ketone, and other high-boiling solvents): 90℃ × 3min

UV irradiation

  • Hard types and medium-hard types: 80W/cm high-pressure mercury lamp × 18cmH × 5m/min × 2 pass (total irradiation: 450mJ/cm2)
  • Soft types: 80W/cm high-pressure mercury lamp × 18cmH × 2.5m/min × 2 pass (total irradiation: 800mJ/cm2)

Measuring methods

  1. (1)Pencil hardness: Compliant with JIS K 5600 (load:750g)
  2. (2)Adhesion: Compliant with JIS K 5600, evaluated according to a tape peel test (1mm cross cut)
  3. (3)Tensile strength: 23℃ × 50%RH, Test sample: 15 mm-wide strip, Distance between chucks: 25mm, Tensile speed: 10mm/min, elongation
    • Young's modulus: calculated at 1%
  4. (4)Tg (glass transition temperature): TMA method
  5. (5)Molecular weight: GPC method (Shodex GPC, three KF-806L columns)
  6. (6)Shrinkage: {(Specific gravity of cured resin - Specific gravity of resin solution before curing) / Specific gravity of cured resin}×100
  7. (7)Optical properties: Compliant with JIS K 7105
    • Refractive index: Abbe refractometer
    • Transmittance: Haze meter (transmittance of PET film included)
    • Haze: Haze meter (haze of PET film included)
  8. (8)Surface resistance: Compliant with JIS K 6911, measured under a 23℃×50%RH atmosphere using DIA Instruments' Hiresta UP resistivity meter
  9. (9)Weather resistance: Accelerated weathering test compliant with JIS 5400 (Sunshine weather meter)

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UV Curable Urethane Acrylate Oligomer SHIKOH™

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