Packaged Membrane Filtration System for Metal Wastewater Treatment

DiaFellow™ NR performance table

1. Recovery of useful metals

2. Compaction to reduce sludge volume

Example : Reduced sludge volumes by 50% - 75%.Boosted concentration of useful Cu metal by two to three times.

DiaFellow™ AMのメリット

3. Compliant with wastewater regulations

Example : Ensures compliance with strict wastewater regulations.

Number Company name Metal Raw water Treated water Wastewater regulations
1 D Co. Ni 6.5mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
2 U Co. Ni 15mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
3 K Co. Ni 0.18mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
4 S Co. Ni 0.18mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
5 M Co. Ni
6 S Co. Ni 210mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
7 A Co. Ni 95mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L
8 K Co. Cu 100mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.3mg/L
9 E Co. Ni 500mg/L <0.05mg/L <0.1mg/L

DiaFellow™ NR Flow Sheet

DiaFellow™ AMのメリット

hollow fiber membrane used in DiaFellow™ NR

DiaFellow™ AMのメリット

hollow fiber membrane used in DiaFellow NR

    1. Excellent chemical resistance  
      Uses PVDF for improved acid and
      alkaline resistance
    2. High mechanical strength
    3. High flux (water permeability)
DiaFellow NR reliability and compact design

DiaFellow™ NR application table

Name Suitability Standard value >Standards for elimination of electroplating contaminants (GB21900-2008)
Flourine 10
Hexavalent chromium 0.1
Nickel 0.1
Copper 0.3
Zinc 1
Cadmium 0.01
Mercury × 0.005
Lead 0.1





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