With a comprehensive lineup of polyester film, ranging from a few microns to 350 microns in thickness and featuring well-balanced characteristics such as mechanical properties and heat resistance. Customers across the globe in further increasing applications have been using DIAFOIL.

We integrate three technologies of Mitsubishi Chemicals, namely, excellent and proprietary material technologies, film-forming technology cultivated over many years and surface treatment technology with unique coating, and develop new markets with customers to become a leading global company.

Working closely with the polymer and engineering operations, our polyester film operations take advantage of the latest information and technology to make quality improvement and process enhancement. This allows us to meet a wide range of our customers' needs. In this way, we continue to strive to offer satisfaction to customers and build long-lasting, strong relationships. We are continuing to make efforts, devoting ourselves to R&D activities to provide even more sophisticated products.

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  • Material Technology

    In cooperation with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, we develop and use polymers suitable for individual applications.

  • Film Manufacturing Technology

    We manufacture products with stable properties by film manufacturing technologies and quality control cultivated over almost 50 years.

  • Surface Treatment Technology

    With a rich surface treatment product lineup, we expand an availability of applications of PET film.



We constantly pursue efficient order management and thorough customer service to provide with satisfaction.

Such unremitting efforts are putting us where new application development of polyester film with a variety of product properties has been making steady advances.

Flat Panel Display

As polyester film is excellent in terms of transparency, smoothness, and heat resistance, it is widely used as the base for optical sheet of LCD backlights. Other applications include optical filter material for PDP and protective / mold release films for LCD components.

Electric / Electronic Parts and Components

With its excellent electrical and physical properties including heat resistance and slip characteristics as well as high insulation, dimensional stability and high transparency, DIAFOIL has been highly appreciated for its applications in electric / electronic parts and components such as wires, cables, motor insulation, touch panels and flexible boards.

General Industrial / Special Products

Ranging from a few microns to 350 microns in thickness and with excellent properties such as heat resistance, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, DIAFOIL is an essential product in various fields of industry, used in applications such as transfer foil, mold release film, cards, labels, sheets and mold release film for ceramic capacitors.

Packaging Material

Packaging materials require UV-shielding, gas barrier, moisture / waterproof, heat resistance, printing, and many other functions. We offer safe polyester films for vapor deposition packaging and various cover / cap / lid materials.

Global Development


The Mitsubishi Chemical Group implements its global polyester business operation based on a three-pillar system consisting of Asia, Europe, and North America. Its four production bases are the Santo / Nagahama Plants (Shiga Prefecture), Germany (Wiesbaden), USA (South Carolina), Indonesia (Merak),and China (Suzhou city and wuxi city, Jiangsu province) where polyester films are produced and supplied all over the world.

Mitsubishi Polyester Film
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Mitsubishi Polyester Film
Inc. (USA)

Mitsubishi Polyester Film
Suzhou Co, Ltd. (China)

Mitsubishi Chemical Converting Film Wuxi Co, Ltd. (China)

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