METABLEN C, E, W and S type are a family of core-shell type impact modifiers, each of which offers unique benefits to manufacturers of thermoplastics products. These impact modifiers do not only improve impact strength but also give other additional benefits depending on the selection of rubber.
METABLEN C and E type have butadiene-based rubber to give super high impact strength.
METABLEN W type has acrylic-based rubber to give excellent weatherability.
METABLEN S type has silicone-acrylic-based rubber to achieve both super high impact strength and excellent weatherability.

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Type C,E,W,S


Type Rubber elasticity
(at room temperature)
Rubber elasticity
(at low temperature)
C and E types (butadiene rubber) X
W type (acrylic rubber)
S type (silicone-acrylic composite rubber)

Grade and Properties


Type Grade Characteristic
(Butadiene rubber)
C-223A High impact
C-215A Transparency *
C-140A High transparency *, Less crease whitening
E MBS for engineering plastics
(Butadiene rubber)
E-860A Used for alloys
E-870A Heat-aging resistance, Hydrolytic property
E-875A Heat-aging resistance, Hydrolytic property
W Acrylic rubber W-300A Weatherability, Transparency*
W-450A High impact, Weatherability
W-600A Hydrolytic property
W-377 Soft acrylic resin (Details)
S Silicone- acrylic rubber S-2001 High Impact resistance at low temperature, Weatherability
S-2006 Hydrolytic property
S-2501 Heat-aging resistance, Hydrolytic property
S-2030 High impact resistance at low temperature
S-2100 High Impact resistance at low temperature, Coloring ability
S-2200 Reactive impact modifier
SRK200A High Impact resistance at low temperature, Heat resistance
SX-006 Coloring ability, Flowability, Chemical resistance
SX-005 High Impact resistance at low temperature, Low friction, Flame retardant
  • *These products are powder. (Only W-377 is flake.)
  • ** is only for PVC.



METABLEN W-341 is soft acrylic resin, which is easy to apply for calendering. In addition, METABLEN W-341 also applies as impact modifier for thermoplastics because it has a core-shell type structure, composed soft acrylic segment (low Tg) as a core and hard acrylic segment (high Tg) as a shell.

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