How can our additives help achieve your environmental goals?
At Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we are designing additive solutions focused on aiding recycling and utilizing biomass.
Examples include:

  • Recycling through compatibilization of difficult to separate plastics found in the waste stream
  • Recovery of resin properties through chain extension, impact modification and processing aids
  • Maintaining performance through multiple cycles using durable performance additives
  • Improving the loading of bio filler through efficient dispersing
  • Improving the performance and compatibility of bio-plastics

Compatibilizing Incompatible Resins

Compatibilizing Incompatible Resins

By Compatibilizing plastics that are difficult to mechanically separate, performance attributes of the mixture can be improved and stabilized allowing mechanical recycling.


Utilizing Bio material

Increasing the bio content reduces reliance on fossil fuels and new uses are found for previously unusable and discarded biomatter.

Bio filler dispersing

  • METABLEN A-3000 aids dispersing filler by improving the kneading process.
  • DIACARNA 30M functions as a compatibilizer for PP with bio filler.

METABLEN A-3000 with wood flour

DIACARNA 30M with Cellulose fiber

※not nano fiber

DIACARNA 30M with used tea leaves

Enhancing Bioplastics

1.Effect on impact resistance through addition of impact modifier

2.Producing PLA alloys through compatibilization

Improving and Maintaining Performance Attributes

Recovering material properties of recyclates and developing material suited for recycling

Improving Impact Strength (METABLEN S)

METABLEN S series has excellent impact strength improving ability that resists thermal cycles; optimal for increasing the amount of regrind introduced into process

With excellent resistance to oil and solvent and weatherability, material can be designed with post industrial and post consumer recycling in mind, knowing that the performance attributes will be maintained after processing and product use.

Chain extension (METABLEN P-1901)

The molecular weight of PA and PEs that have been lost in recyclates can be recovered using our chain extenders to improve properties and aid in processing. The low dosage levels compared to conventional additives allow the affect on other attributes to be minimized.

Chain extension (DIACARNA 30M)

The molecular weight of polyamide recyclates can be recovered using DIACARNA while preventing gel formation often observed when other chain extenders are used.