DIACARNA™ is a synthetic wax copolymer of α-olefin and maleic anhydride. It serves a wide variety of applications including use as resin molding lubricants, mold release agents, compatibility agents, binders for thermal-printing inks, etc.
Japan Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable
Japan Fire Services Law: Specified combustibles (flammable solids)




DIACARNA™ is a copolymer of an α-olefin and maleic anhydride.  It is a wax-like compound with the following basic structure.

Basic structure

  • Due to the polar maleic anhydride group, its dispersibility is superior to that of natural wax or other synthetic waxes.
  • Its outstanding resistance to thermal degradation makes it especially well-suited for high temperature applications such as engineering plastic processing.
  • Having both a non-polar (α-olefin) structure and a polar (maleic anhydride) structure, it is useful as a compatibility accelerator to facilitate the mixing of non-polar and polar species.



  • Resin compounds:  lubricants, dispersants, mold release agents, compatibility agents, resin property modification agents.
      * It is especially well-suited for high-temperature engineering plastic fabrication.
  • Dispersing Agents for non-aqueous solutions:  Dispersion of carbon black, pigments, fillers, etc
  • Binders for thermal-printing inks
  • Car wax

Lineup / Specifications


Grade Name DIACARNA 30M
Appearance Pale yellow-white solid
Melting Point (℃) 70~76
Melt Viscosity (mPa・s, 100℃) 140~210
Penetrometer (1/10mm) 3~4
Saponification value (mgKOH/g) 95~110

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