DIACARNA™ is a synthetic wax copolymer of α-olefin and maleic anhydride. Applications include as an compounding additive for resin mold lubricant and release agent, compatibilizer and as a binder for thermal transfer inks.

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The basic structure of DIACARNA™ is show below.

  • The polarity of the maleic anhydride group improves dispersibility relative to conventional natural or synthetic waxes.
  • Bio fillers such as cellulose, wood flour and used coffee grinds can also be dispersed
  • The reactivity of the maleic anhydride group allows Diacarna to function as a chain extender and polymer end cap for PAs.
  • Having both polar and non-polar groups within the molecule structure, Diacarna™ can function as compatibilizer between polar and non-polar matrix.
  • Its outstanding resistance to thermal degradation makes it especially well-suited for high temperature applications such as engineering plastics processing.



As an additive to enhance resin properties such as lubrication, dispersion, mold release, compatibility, stability and viscosity modification
- Especially well suited for high-temperature engineering plastic processing
Coatings, Inks and Adhesives:
As a dispersant for pigments and filler material
As a binder for thermal transfer inks
As a wax as used in automotive coatings



Grade Name DIACARNA 30M
Appearance Pale yellow-white solid
Melting Point (℃) 70~76
Melt Viscosity (mPa・s, 100℃) 140~210
Penetrometer (1/10mm) 3~4
Saponification value (mgKOH/g) 95~110

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