We provide various materials for electronic equipment parts that have excellent flame resistance, UV printability, and mechanical properties.


Flame-retarded polyester base filmDIALAMY™

Coating, laminating and other operation are about as easy as normal polyester film.


  • Coating, laminating, cutting, bending, punching and other operation are about as easy as normal polyester film.
  • Heat resistance, physical and electoronical properties, and chemical resistance in the same way as normal polyester film.
  • Various thickness. (40µ;m to 500µm)
  • No PBDPE is used for flame retardant agent.


  • Electrical appliance-parts and components
  • Electrical insulating boards (motors, transformers, switching power supplies, and copiers)
  • Circuit boards (planar heating element material and membrane switch material)

Heat & flame resistant PVC sheetVINYFOIL™ C-850

Hard PVC sheet made from high precision calendar facilities, sheeting and unique formulation technology.


  • Conformed to flame resistance standards. (UL-94-VTM-0, V-0)
  • Excellent high-heat resistance.
  • Excellent anti-static properties and small dimensional.
  • Excellent procession properties for punching, bending, printing and forming.
  • Uniform embossing, resistant to scratches and fingerprint traces.
  • Containing no fire retarding chemicals, such as bromine.


  • Electrical insulation material
  • Office automation equipment
  • Nameplates

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