DIALEAD composite is a carbon fiber composite material compressed by resin. The formal name is carbon fiber reinforced plastics or CFRP.
Taking advantage of excellent properties not available from conventional metals and ceramics, the product is widely used in various applications.




Features Function Comparison
Lightweight / high stiffness Low bending
High-speed operation
Vibration suppression
Space saving
About 1/4 space gravity compared with iron About 2/3 of aluminum
Stiffness and strength higher than iron
Early attenuation of vibration possible
High thermal conductivity Lightweight heat sink
Stable performance at high temperatures
Thermal conductivity equivalent to copper
Higher thermal conductivity realized compared with common plastic materials.
Low coefficient of thermal expansion Dimensional stability
High precision parts
Excels in thermal dimensional stability
Coefficient of thermal expansion can be made to zero by composite design.

Support until delivery

DIALEAD Composite can be tailored to your applications and specifications.

  • Design Support
    We meet customer needs by optimal design and material selection of composite.
  • Prototyping / mass production
    We are a unique manufacturer that has a complete production system from carbon fiber to carbon fiber composite products
    We can offer quotations from prototyping to mass-produced items.
  • Prices / quality
    Thanks to ISO-based quality control and production structures, we offer quality, competitive composite products.




The coefficient of thermal expansion can be controlled by optimizing carbon fiber mixing, and can be made to zero, depending on design.
In addition to low thermal expansion, lightweight, and high stiffness, heat sink and other thermal controls can be realized, utilizing the product's property of thermal conductivity only in the orientation of the fiber.

  • Satellites

©Akihiro Ikeshita

  • Large radio telescopes and antenna structural materials

Courtesy of: Vertex GmbH

Construction and civil engineering

Our products are used for antiseismic reinforcement and repair of structures, taking advantage of their lightweight, high stiffness and corrosion resistance.

  • Bridge pier reinforcement
  • Deck reinforcement

Automotive applications

  • Propeller shaft
    Thanks to the weight reduction and high stiffness characterizing DIALEAD, the critical number of revolutions can be increased.
    In addition, joints can be eliminated or their diameter can be reduced.
  • C/C materials (Carbon / carbon fiber composite materials)
    Excellent strength and wear resistance under high temperatures is the reason for the materials application in a wide range of braking materials from racing cars to airplanes.

Courtesy of Moriwaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

Industrial equipment

  • High performance carbon fiber composite roller for industrial use
    With little run-out, our product enables high precision, wide film production, and printing.
  • Beams for transfer machines
    High stiffness and weight reduction achieve vibration damping in a short period of time, improving tact time and productivity.

Courtesy of Daimler Chrysler Aerospace, Dornier GmbH and MÜller Weingarten AG.

  • Pick for transferring semiconductor wafer
  • Robot hand for liquid crystal glass
    In addition to lightweight and high stiffness, the excellent vibration damping property realizes the improvement of productivity in the field of mechatronics.

Courtesy of: Yaskawa Electric Corporation

Sports, etc.

  • Golf flag shaft

Lineup / Specifications


Materials Properties Comparison Table

Form Material Specific gravity Tensile elasticity Flexural modulus Thermal expansion coefficient Thermal conductivity Natural frequency Self-weight deflection Load deflection
X axis Y axis X axis Y axis
g/cm3 GPa GPa 10^-6/"K 10^-6/"K W/m,K W/m,K Hz mm mm
Sheet materials DIALEAD Composite (105 GPa) 1.6 105 98 1.7 5.8 2.5 1.3 13.2 2.2 3.5
DIALEAD Composite (250 GPa) 1.7 250 220 -0.9 7.7 73 1.2 19.7 1.0 1.5
DIALEAD Composite (320 GPa) 1.7 320 260 -0.9 9.0 115 1.2 22.2 0.8 1.2
DIALEAD Composite (Zero-CTE) 1.6 220 170 0.0 11.0 39 1 18.9 1.1 1.7
DIALEAD C/C Composite 1.9 - 69 -1.0 -1.0 90 90 - - -
High-performance UD Plate 1.82 450 - - - - - - - -
SUS303 8.0 200 200 17.3 17.3 15 15 8.0 6.0 1.9
Aluminum (1200H18) 2.7 69 69 23.6 23.6 220 220 8.2 5.8 5.3
PPS-GF40% 1.6 8 12 - - - - - - -
Round rod DIALEAD Composite (high elasticity) 1.8 400 350 - - - - - - -
DIALEAD Composite (high strength) 1.6 115 115 - - - - - - -
  1. *1 DIALEAD Composite values are calculated from epoxy resin.
  2. *2 CFRP: Carbon fiber reinforced plastics
  3. *3 Square and round pipe can also be manufactured using DIALEAD Composite.
  • * These values represent typical values and calculated values. Actual values may vary.

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