Pyrofil pellets are a thermoplastic molding material that is made from blending our PAN-based carbon figure Pyrofil product with our pitch-based carbon fiber Dialead with various resins to achieve performance better than typical reinforced resins.

We carefully select the base resin and carbon fiber materials in accordance with specific applications to provide products of the highest quality unmatched in the industry.




  • Lightweight

    Glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin that can be used as a metal alternative

  • Electromagnetic shielding and antistatic properties

    Separate electromagnetic shielding treatment is unnecessary, which reduces costs due to the lack of a deposition process and sheet metal

  • Freedom of design and composite formability

    Due to being a thermoplastic resin material, fabrication is relatively easy using methods such as injection molding, profile extrusion, and sheet stamping.

  • Resins can be selected in accordance with required specifications such as heat resistance and chemical resistance

    Extended lineup of thermoplastic resins including PP, PA, PPS, PC, ABS, and more.



Series Features
PA66 series It is exceptionally strong.
PA-MXD6 series It has an extremely high degree of rigidity and strength.
PC series It has high strength and excellent dimensional stability.
ABS series It has excellent dimensional stability and formability.
PP series It has a low specific gravity optimal for lightweight applications.
PBT series It has excellent strength and relatively high formability.
POM series It has excellent wear resistance properties.
PPS series It has excellent heat resistance, elasticity, and flame retardant properties.
m-PPE series It has excellent dimensional stability.

Metal Replacement Grade



This lightweight product has a degree of strength that surpasses magnesium.

Electromagnetic Shield Grade



Separate electromagnetic shielding treatment is unnecessary.



The example applications listed on our website do not represent guaranteed applications of this product. Customers must confirm that the purpose and application of this product complies with laws and regulations as well as the safety of the product.

Use this product in accordance with the following precautions.

Contact one of our representatives to request the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information on handling precautions.

  • Health and safety precautions

    Do not inhale or allow the gas produced when drying or melting this product to come into contact with the eyes and skin. Do not directly touch resin at high temperatures. Ensure sufficient ventilation of the area and wear protective goggles and gloves when performing these processes.

  • Combustion and fire precautions

    This product is flammable and combustible. Use and store this product in locations not exposed to heat and sources of ignition. This product may release toxic gas if it catches fire. Use water preferably or a powder-based fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

  • Disposal considerations

    This product can be discarded by landfill or incineration. Discard this product in accordance with applicable lays such as the Waste Management and Public Cleaning Act.

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  • SDS

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