Testing Methods

  • L-55E:Coronate L-55E (by Tosoh Corporation)
  • HX:Coronate HX (by Tosoh Corporation)
  • T-C:TETRAD-C (by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company)
  • N-2128:Metal Chelate Cross-linker
Photo Initiator
  • I-184:Omnirad184(IGM Resins B.V.)
  • I-379:Omnirad379(IGM Resins B.V.)
Substrate PET film (25μm)
Adhesive Thickness 25μm
Drying 100℃ × 2 min
Aging 40℃ × 3 days
UV Irradiation

80W/cm (High-pressure marcury lamp), 13cmH × 6.5m/min

Adherend Polished SUS 304
Others (Details in grade lists)
Adhesion 180°peeling (peeling speed : 300mm/min, 23℃×50%RH)
2kg roller× two times forwards and backwards Measured at 30 minutes after attachment
Holding Power Attachment area 25mm×25mm, 2kg roller× two times forwards and backwards 40℃ and 80℃× 1kg load × 24 hours
  • 【Result】
    • ◎No-creep
    • Creep less than 2mm (after 24 hr.)
    • △ Fallen within 24 hours
    • × Fallen within 1 hour
Ball Tack J.Dow Method ∠30° 23℃×50%RH
Optical Properties
(Total Light Transmittance, Haze)

Data of adhesive layer
*Alkali-free glasses are attached on both sides

(Alkali-free glass Total light transparency : 92.8%, Haze : 0.02%)

Total light transparency, Haze : Tested with haze mater compliant to JIS K 7361-1

Relative Permittivity PET(50μm) / Adhesive / PET(50μm)

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