Special Applications

It has various characteristic such as dust prevention, high weather resistance and lower water vapor permeability for special applications.
Polyester-based types, Urethane acrylate UV curable types Contact us for more details.

Special Applications

Technical data

We cover several types of PSA according to the required properties.

Grade Resin Properties Adhesion Properties Characteristics
Solid Content
Solvent Curing Agent Adhesion
Holding Power Ball Tack
Type Amount 40℃ 80℃
N-2584 40.0±1.5 10000±2000 Ethyl acetate /
Toluene /
N-2128 2.0 9.0 12 Alkali soluble adhesive, Suitable for splicing labels and paper
N-3308 40.0±1.5 3000±500 Ethyl acetate /
N-2235 2.0 9.5 11 Water removable, suitable for splicing labels and paper
5465 40.0±1.5 11000±2000 Ethyl acetate /
L-55E 1.5 2.0 3> Suitable for dustproof mats
N-3483 40.0±1.5 11000±2000 Ethyl acetate /
L-55E 2.0 2.5 9 Suitable for dustproof mats
8065 37.0±2.0 4500±500 Ethyl acetate /
L-55E 1.0 9.5 4 Medical applications (fixing tapes for cataplasm)
N-4181 40.0±2.0 4500±1000 Ethyl acetate /
L-55E 0.5 5.8 16 Medical applications (injection plaster, standard plaster)
N-3440 50.0±1.0 6000±1000 Ethyl acetate /
N-2128 1.5 20 × 13 Good adhesion under low temperature, Good olefin adhesion, High weather resistance

Lower water vapor permeability type

Technical data

New grade of lower water vapor permeability than conventional acrylic-based PSA is under development

Grade Adhesive Thickness
Adhesion Properties Water vapor permeability
Adhesion(N/25mm) Optical Properties
Glass 40℃ 80℃
Development Grade 50 10.0 - 120 Lower water vapor permeability type, 1/10 permeability compared to conventional acrylic-based PSAs

Water vapor permeability testing method : Dish method (JIS Z 0208)

Testing Methods (COPONYL)



Pressure Sensitive Adhesives -Acrylic copolymer COPONYL™

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