Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Prepreg

Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Prepreg (Kyron™ULTRA)

※This is a product in the development stage.

Kyron™ULTRA is a new sheet-like intermediate material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, in which carbon fibers are impregnated with engineering plastics. It is a high performing carbon fiber composite material in the form of a UD (Uni-Directional) prepreg with carbon fiber in one direction.

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Kyron™ULTRA, which is benefited from Mitsubishi Chemical's expertise in carbon fiber technology, resin engineering, and composite material design, offers the following characteristics:


A prepreg that makes the most of the characteristics of carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin with our composite material technology.

High quality

Kyron™ULTRA features ultra-low voids and high dimensional accuracy, making it applicable for thermoplastic ATL (Auto Tape Layup) molding technology, general-purpose stamping technology, etc.

High formability

With ultra-low voids, takt time (process work time) can be shortened in general-purpose stamping. In addition, freezer storage of materials is not required.

Image showing the features of Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Prepreg
▲Kyron™ULTRA cross-sectional photo (enlarged from 100.0 μm)
This image demonstrates that the internal void is kept to a minimum.


Making the most of the anisotropic nature of carbon fiber, UD prepreg can greatly expand the range of product design by placing the necessary prepreg in the right place.
Harnessing the characteristics of both carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin, it can be used in a wide range of fields such as aerospace, industry, mobility, and snowboards.

Image showing the applications of carbon fiber tow

Product Lineup

UD Prepreg (Uni-directional Prepreg)

Product name Carbon fiber type Resin type Carbon fiber weight
(Fiber areal weight)(g/m2)
Resin content
TR K42G190S General Purpose 24t CF PEEK 190 32 0.17
MR K42G190S High Strength Purpose
30t CF
PEEK 190 33 0.18
TR K44F190S General Purpose 24t CF Heat Resistant PEEK 190 32 0.17
MR K44F190S High Strength Purpose
24t CF
Heat Resistant PEEK 190 33 0.18
MR K71F190S High Strength Purpose
30t CF
Chemical Resistant PEI 190 32 0.18

Note: The values in this table are typical and do not imply any kind of guarantee.

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