Process of consultation
and contract

Mitsubishi Chemical offers a wide range of products including carbon fiber, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (intermediate materials), and molded products.
Over the years, we have also accumulated expertise on how to use our products.

Please feel free to contact us
so that we can provide you with a solution that will satisfy your needs.

You can consult us about requests such as the following:

  • (1) We want to make our product as light as possible to meet the requirements of end users.
    What kind of material would be suitable?
  • (2) To optimize our production equipment, we are eager to adopt carbon fiber molded products (CFRP).
    Can we place a special order for a molded product that fits our equipment?

General process for consultation

  1. 1 For materials
  2. Inquiry
  3. Confirmation of your request
  4. Product recommendation
  5. Cost estimate
  6. Contract (order)
  7. Production
  8. Delivery
  1. 2 For processed products
  2. Inquiry
  3. Confirmation of your request
  4. Confirmation of items required for design (interview)
  5. Proposal of design and specifications
  6. Cost estimate
  7. Contract (order)
  8. Production
  9. Delivery

This is a typical procedure for consultation. The process may vary from case to case.
Please contact us so that we can discuss your individual needs.

Customer Support

For detailed product specifications, pricing,
and usage information, please contact us.