CARBOLEADER® is a carbon roller that simultaneously offers light weight, high rigidity, and a high critical speed. It is used for a wide range of applications, including separators for rechargeable batteries, for optical applications and all kinds of films, for printing, and paper manufacture. It can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs by improving production quality and speed, and reducing defect rates.


High versatility by enabling the same surface processing and treatment as conventional metal rolls

  • Chromium plating (surface metalization by clad processing)
  • Various rubber lining treatments
  • Ceramic thermal spraying

Micron-level roller rotation precision

  • Offers an unprecedented level of precision for “small diameter × long length × high speed rotation” rolls
    that have always been especially difficult

High temperature resistance grade

  • Inhibits unbalanced thermal expansion at high temperatures
  • No degradation of bearings or rigidity observed after long usage, especially after repeated rewinding of the roll rubber lining



  • Rolls for coaters and laminators
  • Rolls for separators
  • Rolls for manufacturing film, nonwoven fabric, and metal foil
  • Rubber-lined rolls for slitter, rolls with lower blade groove, winding core,
    and low deflection double-tube contact rolls
  • Rubbing rolls for glass substrate processing
  • Rolls for printing machines
  • Low deflection double-tube nip rolls


Product Lineup

Based on your design drawings and requested mechanical properties,
we perform rigidity and strength calculations with composite materials to
offer custom-made products that are optimized for your performance requirements and sizes.
Please contact us to begin.

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