Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC)

Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC)

Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC) is a sheet-type intermediate material made of cut high-strength carbon fiber impregnated with thermosetting resin. This material can be press molded, substantially reducing molding time compared to conventional autoclave or oven molding.
In addition, compared with carbon fiber intermediates of Continuous fibers, the random arrangement of Short fibers ensures fluidity and makes it possible to mold intricately shaped parts like those with ribs and bosses.


Mitsubishi Chemical’s Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC) is a carbon fiber reinforced plastics that offers an extremely good balanced between lightness, strength, and ease of molding.

Mitsubishi Chemical’s FMC (CF-SMC) is suitable for complex shapes that can be mass-produced by press molding. It can also help to reduce the weight of parts.
It is already being used for mass-produced auto parts, but its range of applications is likely to expand much further.
Mitsubishi Chemical offers total support, from production and supply of carbon fiber FMC (CF-SMC) materials, to planning, design, and development.

Image of the features of Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC)


Press molding with Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC) enables high cycle mass production. Conventional methods for processing carbon fiber, such as autoclave and oven molding, have a long production cycle, making them unsuitable for mass production. Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC) has started to be used for automotive parts that require large-scale mass production.
It is also likely to be used in sports applications, as an alternative to metal and aluminum parts.

Image of Carbon Fiber FMC (CF-SMC) Applications

Product Lineup

Product name Resin Tow size CF length
CF content
Areal weight
Tensile properties
ISO527-4 Type2
Flexural properties
ISO14125 Class2
ASTM D 4065
Modulus of Elasticity
Modulus of Elasticity
STR120N131 VE 15K 1 53 3100 1.46 171 29 376 27 158
STR130U127 VE 15K 1 60 2750 1.51 185 34 401 32 160
STN130N127 VE 3K 1 53 2750 1.45 310 33 485 28 160
STN130U118 VE 3K 1 60 1850 1.51 320 38 530 35 160

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